Assortment Planning

Zenden, one of Russia’s shoe retailers, has been rapidly developing over the past decade with over 200 shops in more than a hundred cities in the country.

Zenden has hundreds of stores spread across a large geographic area, with widely different climates and customer buying power. They carried a limited assortment of branded shoes, with a unique store distribution negotiated with each brand. However, they have most of their shoes made to order in China, involving thousands of samples to choose from. 

The main challenge here was that Category Managers needed greater visibility to sample management and style-color selection, appropriate assortment breadth and sales forecast in order to buy the right amount of each style-color. To tackle those challenges, Zenden selected Veltio as their preferred partner.

The numbers

Annual Revenue

The results

Veltio implemented the next-generation demand-driven Assortment Planning solution. The solution allowed Zenden to have different levels of forecasts at different stages in the planning process. As a result, teams with different roles & skillsets were able to manage different process steps in an integrated process.


Veltio also introduced store clustering including customer buying power and increased visibility of assortment mix as well as planned breadth of assortment for each Cluster.

Having those long-range forecasts in place, Zenden were able to inform strategic-level-assortment plan KPIs.

Lastly, the new system enabled and supported Zenden’s rapid growth and rolling out of e-commerce processes.