Application Support

Available 24/7 to ensure seamless system and process continuity​

Functional guidance and support for your teams to ensure smooth and effective system utilization.

Veltio’s Application Support Team provides post-implementation expertise on a 24/7 basis to undertake routine maintenance tasks
and monitor operations to ensure system health & accessibility.  

With our team’s unparalleled experience in dealing with day-to-day issues, Application Support utilizes our deep knowledge base and
best practices to keep your software running efficiently. We employ Quality Reviews to monitor, measure & propose solutions to proactively mitigate against future issues and enhance overall system performance and customer support in accordance with our Support Level Agreements.

Application Support Includes: 

  • Notifications for new software releases and features that enhance solution functionality. 
  • Preventive maintenance and product maintenance to maximize the return on your IT investment. 
  • Client requests for new features that are reviewed by subject matter experts to ensure compatibility with existing infrastructure and scalability to support business growth.