Forever 21

Assortment Planning & Size Profile Optimization

Forever 21’s system support and business process updates were increasingly straining the assortment planning teams.

Some of their pain points included a wide range of store sizes with no ability to broaden and scale the assortment, different size range needs by store depending on ethnic makeup of customers in the market area, no store clustering in order to plan and place specific assortments into store groupings based on their ability to sell certain product types etc.

In order to efficiently and accurately project assortment needs, Veltio was chosen to implement Assortment Planning and Size Profile Optimization solutions.

The numbers

Annual Revenue

The results

Veltio delivered a fully integrated planning tool that replaced manual processes with science-driven automation using Assortment Planning & Size Profile Optimization solutions.

The new localized assortment plans provided visibility to breadth of assortment including price range and fashion code, season transition, carryover and terminal stock. 

The system also provided flexible store clustering that allowed Forever 21 to group by propensity to sell similar types of items. Veltio-configured solutions enabled Forever 21 to reconcile assortment plans with strategic financial goals and company growth. The delivered system provided the ability to view last year and previous season items’ performance metrics & attributes and identify key carryover items to seed future plans.

Veltio’s integration provided scalable and flexible modules to support phased rollout to regions to support lead times and hemispheric season.