Demand Forecasting

Carrefour, one of the largest grocery, hardware and apparel retailers in the world, saw a growing need for an in-house tool to optimize the calculation of projected sales forecast with minimal manual intervention, in order to avoid disruptions and overstock. 

Veltio was chosen to share its expertise in advising Carrefour and implementing a pre-configured Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF) solution that has been specifically designed and optimized to meet the needs of Carrefour. 

The numbers

store brands
30+ countries globally
SKUs on avg. in hypermarkets
Annual Revenue

The results

Veltio’s solution increased the automation of forecast data integration. Carrefour’s Demand Forecasting now includes advanced logic when setting up new stores and new items. Veltio also customized the new SKU and Store Setup functions to introduce automation in the setup while also providing users ability to set cloning functionality. 

De-seasonalizing  process now includes Day-of-Week profile and source-level forecasting. This batch automatically updates RDF and removes promotional uplift from historical demand. 

The selective forecasting functionality has been increased which allows users to improve the performance of their nightly batch by avoiding the re-execution of certain pieces of Item/Store combinations. 

Veltio essentially provided Carrefour with an automated system that balanced the need for individual user flexibility.