Price Automation, Demand Forecast and Supply Chain

ATB is the largest grocery retailer in Ukraine, operating over 800 stores, in 117 cities and towns in 15 regions of the country. Over the last years, the company has been showing the highest rate of expansion in Ukraine, and more than 1,000,000 Ukrainians do their shopping in ATB every day. 

After such a huge expansion and exposure in the Ukrainian market, ATB saw a growing need for an intelligent assortment planning system. System support and business process updates had not kept up with the rapid growth straining the assortment planning teams and manual integration. 

ATB selected Veltio to implement Assortment Management to improve ATB’s Category Management organization. 

The numbers


The results

Veltio’s primary solution, was to provide an automated Assortment Management process, which would reduce the amount of manual work and the number of errors during the planning process. During the project’s realization, ATB, through increased customer satisfaction, started getting significant economic effects in monthly sales and yearly turnover of the company. 

After these results ATB moved forward and  implemented with Veltio Price Automation, Demand Forecast and Supply Chain solutions. 

The results were an increase of users’ efficiency and effective and decrease markdowns through Pricing Automation, as well as, an operational efficiency boost, a centralized and synchronized supply chain, a service level increase due to forecasting and automated supply chain processes.